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we are not insured with safeway. our car got hit by a person insured by this company.

it happended on the huge empty parking-there were only few cars in it. our car was parked and the driver from the other car got out and left the car running-apparantly on d, because according to 2 witnesses the car started to roll slowly right away. We've made a claim, Couple days later I got a call from Safewaysaying that the claim is deniad. Reason?

"there was no driver in the car, the wind must have pushed the car into your car, so we are not responsible".

I was trying to explain her that this IS A CAR- not a sailing boat, but the lady with a really bad attitude told me it is not their problem. Anybody knows who insures the wind?:)

and seriously, if you have any ideas on how to resolve that, please let me know

Review about: Safeway Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Gilbert, Arizona, United States #964437

They suck , to be honest there just a bunch of wetbacks ripping people of in Arizona , and I'm Mexican I know these guys are Mexican *** men.

Noblesville, Indiana, United States #389708

Just got rear ended by a safe way driver going 50 and i was at a stand still.... struggling to get a rental car there not wanting to pay for it. and after reading this i am scared i wont get *** for my truck either.

to cl***ic.custom Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #666549

I have taken this ins company to court,,,,had a 2500 dollar claim. they would not pay.

A Mexican woman rear ended me. but after 2 years of being dragged into court twice...I nailed them for 9000 bucks.

All u need is a good lawyer,,,it cost a little out of pocket....but the win was worth it. I donated the money to charity,,,lol,,,I wasent in for the money,,,I sued for revenge and principle ....


Great company. Sounds like crybabies didn't get their way.

You should have your own insurance to cover your losses.

You wouldn't want your carrier raising your rates because they overpaid claims.

to Bubba #737857

If someone HITS YOUR CAR, it's incumbent upon THEM to use THEIR insurance, dumbbell.

to Bubba #844211

Crybabies didn't get their way? If the accident isn't MY fault why would I want to claim it on mine? So I could enjoy an increased premium???


My company work van was rear ended at a stoplight by a girl with Safeway and they are claiming my driver is 25% at fault and they also will not pay my loss of income while van was being repaired and we were unable to work. I'm in small claims court right now and can't get an attorney to touch the case once they hear Safeway insurance due to the fact that they hire lawyers to drag everything through court till people just give up.

Terrible attitudes with their agents and they do not return phone calls within 24 hours which they state on their messages.

Can't believe there is no law preventing them from screwing over innocent people with good insurance


I was hit by a lady who ran right through a stop sign.... She "UNFORTUNATELY" has Safeway Ins.

She took out the front pass. side of my mini van!! 1930.00 damage! And here I am 7 weeks later and they haven't paid me!!!

I'm on my way down to the Justice Court to file a civil suet against the lady.... A lawyer advised me to do this,,,He said Safeway Ins.

Is the WORST co. to deal with....Good Luck.


anytime u have a problem with an insurance

company or claim u need to report it to the insurance department in your state and have them investigate


All insurance companies give you a hard time when it comes to paying out..Insurance companies are not in the business to pay out claims...I was rear ended by someone insured by triple aaa and i still can't get an offer..

to billy #844213

You must not have had to deal with safeway. True, they aren't in business to pay out, but I've had a couple of claims w/ins that wasn't safeway...difference was night and day


Safeway insurance is a joke, I don't know why they have not been run out of business yet, guess most of the money they save not paying claims goes to kickbacks and such.

My daughter has an accident and the guy had safeway, it has been a month now and they are still "investigating". Our safeway rep is a guy named Mark in Mesa AZ - what a joke he is.

My daughter and I dealt with him a few times, he was rude and useless. It is getting hot so I turned it all over to my insurance company. Progressive started working on my car the same day.

I think people use safeway just to get an insurance card.

to Stuart Caldwell #844214

What is it with them an "investigating?" I know ins. co has to but they seem to use it as a stall tactic. Once they have police report and speak w/involved persons, that should be it!


I was hit from behind by someone with Safeway insurance and since then I have had nothing but trouble to getting my car repaired and getting a vehicle for the time that my car will be in the repair shop. I spoke to 2 different agents and they both had bad attitudes and act like I am the one at fault THEY JUST SUCK !!!!!


Wow I thought that my problems with Safeway were an anomoly. Instead it seems to be the norm. It seems that they give their staff "nasty training".


It took Safeway Insurance couple of months to do coverage insurance. I bad experience dealing with them also.

Your best bet is to talk to the lawyer to recoup your lost. I wish you luck in dealing with them.

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